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Selling cool, indie products in Singapore.





Romantic gestures, demure serenity, or alluring glamour.
Whole9Yards is inspired by the ethereal beauty of feminine strength through the ages. We craft boutique pieces that celebrate inner beauty and individuality.

Our focus on exquisite designs, attention to details, and unique pieces is our way of offering you a creative space where your signature style can flourish.

Whole9Yards rejoices in styles that transcend time and geography. There’s no beginning or finale, just a continuous evolution of who you are at any moment of time.

Dream the impossible. Dare to aspire.
Only then will we be distinctively true to ourselves.


At Kutis, we specialize in the supply of customized bags, protective covers for IT equipment as well as home organization tools to our clients. We are passionate about designs that combine functionality with aesthetics that enhances your lifestyle.We also specialize in the production and customization of wool felt products. The wool felt is an eco-friendly material that is both durable and fashionable – an outstanding material choice for bags and protective covers.

Kutis is ever passionate about innovative designs that enhance lifestyles and we are committed to provide our clients with the latest lifestyle products that are practical yet beautiful!



Expressing the beauty of Nature in Motion through organic shapes, colours and rhythms…

My jewellery addiction began as a hobby – I took up few classes and was immediately hooked to creating beautiful wirework pieces with beads sourced from various parts of the globe. I soon felt the need to explore materials other than beads and wires to push myself creatively. I wanted to create my own shapes/elements that I would then piece together to create a unique piece.

Hence, I am always focusing my creative energies in the exploration of new art media that could inspire and challenge my creativity. I was recently drawn to the versatility of polymer clay. The idea of using formed clay as a mini canvas drives my inspiration as it allows me to go back to my first love – Painting.

Colour has thus become an integral part of my work and through bright colours and quirky elements I am able to create a distinctive statement of personal style.

Nature has been my inexhaustible source of inspiration.

To me, nothing feels more peaceful and liberating than seeing leaves dancing in the wind and being carried away on an adventurous journey, not knowing where they might end up but enjoying the ride nonetheless.

● I find beauty in the unbalanced arrangement of elements to create a harmonious mess – Asymmetrical compositions that add visual intrigue and bring out the uniqueness of the jewellery piece.
● I enjoy emulating techniques (mark-making, layering and texturing) that inspired my paintings but this time using beads, wires, leather and clay as mediums.
● I love the idea of endless possibilities and evolving with my work.



What We Do

We’re a new independent retailer of international magazines based in Singapore. As self-confessed magazine obsessives, we know the feeling of stalking the newsstand to get your hands on the latest copy of your fave mag before it sells out. Or, chancing upon a cool new mag overseas, then never seeing it available anywhere else.

That’s why we decided to take things into our own hands, combing the world for niche titles and delivering them to your doorstep, so you’ll never have to miss out on an issue of your favourite magazine ever again.

Our tightly curated list of titles covers a wide range of genres, from established ones like fashion and design to more niche fields like urban cuisine and crafting. We believe you’ll find a world of magazines that cater to your specific interests, no matter how obscure, here at Magpie. If not, drop us a line, we promise to try to get our hands on the title you’re looking for.

Magpie – for magazine lovers, by magazine lovers.



Who We Are
Gracesmiths was born out of a simple desire to create stylish, beautifully crafted gifts that are inspired by God’s grace towards us, gifts that touch hearts and build ties. We are passionate about our amazing God, Jesus Christ, and wish to share His greatness and goodness through these gifts.
These gifts are designed, carefully curated and made in various parts of the world, some right out of our studio in sunny Singapore. In addition to being exclusive to Gracesmiths, many of them are also lovingly handcrafted (we think hand-made gifts carry more heart!) and hence, each subtly unique and only available in limited quantities. We hope that these gifts will help to inspire, encourage and bring joy and smiles to you and those dear to you.
We follow God’s heart to care for the lost, the needy, the hopeless. We support selected social causes and social enterprises that serve to improve the lives of these people, currently through the retail of items produced by these social organizations. With your support, we hope to be able to extend our hand of love and impact more lives. At Gracesmiths, we believe that we are blessed to be a blessing!
Our Brand
The logotype is derived and weaved from a gift ribbon, where its connotation of tying of gifts extend into the tying up of relationships and bonds through God’s love and grace. These ties are made with a sincere heart at various levels: between God and the individual, between the giver and receiver of these gifts, and between Gracesmiths and its community through the support of social causes; and hence the tagline “Tie with Heart”.


How we started

It all began when we were hunting for unique, functional yet affordable home décor items to beautify our very own home. Sadly, choices were limited in terms of worthiness. Not that we do not appreciate exquisite products but it simply costs too much for middle-income folks.

Our quest begun to search for alternatives. We started importing items directly from manufacturers, brand owners and stockists. Along the way, we met some inspirational people from Fair Trade Organization who introduced us to Artisans producing hand-crafted Home Décor, Homeware & Accessories. The concept of purchasing and selling with a good cause inspired us to start exploring the idea of importing handmade items produced by these Artisans, in addition to our collection of kitchenware.

So, here we are, the incorporation of Linidea in 2013.

What we sell

About 30% of our products are purchased directly from Fair Trade Organisations in Indonesia and we hope to expand to more within the region. Products of Home Décor, Homeware & Accessories are handmade by Artisans using locally available natural materials from Albesia (Blalu) Tree, Coconut, Teak, Mahogany, Sono, Bamboo, Pandan & Silver. Other products make use of alternative materials from Mosaic, Resin, Ceramics & MDF.

Our Kitchenware comprises a wide range of products from Emile Henry cookware to Mason Cash bakeware; tableware from Steel Function to John Boos chopping board and Kasumi & Wusthof knifes amongst others.

The rest of our products include Zielonka smellkillers; Messermeister peelers, Joseph Joseph Rainbow Twist 2-in-1 silicone whisk and many more.

Our objective is to continually source for new products, ideally with innovative design, quality and functionality. Do visit our showroom and this website periodically to see what we brought home.