The Paper Bunny

The Paper Bunny

The Paper Bunny is a Singapore-based purveyor of carefully crafted prints and gifts that reflect a style that is playful and fun-loving, yet sophisticated and practical. Comprising of two distinct yet harmonious parts, The Paper Bunny offers custom designing services for weddings, party and event stationery, as well as a delightful range of products designed in-house and for sale in our shop.

Custom Design

Our custom designing services are focused on conceptualising, designing and delivering bespoke stationery for customers to add a personal touch to an important event. Through working closely with our customer, our custom designed stationery complements and enhances a special occasion by creating the first impression and setting the tone of how fun, ethereal or glamorous the event will be.


Our shop features crisp colours, playful illustrations and charming typography in the form of sparkly designs, hand-lined envelopes, fun prints and practical gifts to compose lines of products for all who embrace the colourful life. Pick up a piece for yourself and send one to a special someone – you might just touch a heart today.


The Chope! Project


Chope! is a project that explores the peculiar and eccentric lingoes of Singapore’s Kopitiam culture.

Often a mishmash of words from various dialects and culture, one would be surprised by the creativity and originality behind our eclectic Kopitiam culture.

We, Singaporeans are an interesting bunch. Our overwhelming Kopitiam culture is filled with eccentricities that range from choping seats, to quirky table manners, to endearing ways of addressing our servers as Uncle and Auntie.

But perhaps the most peculiar of all is the language in which we order drinks. Some of these lingoes are as old as our forefathers, evolving over generations, while others are relatively new additions. No one really knows their origins, but one thing is for sure: they all display a queer sense of humor unique to our culture.

Ozzy & Lulu


Ozzy & Lulu is a design studio + Lovely paper parapharnalia handcrafted in Singapore!

Believers of simple yet powerful design, this little studio was started as an outlet for some creative expression, but grew quickly into an opportunity to realize a long harboured dream of owning a unique brand.​

“We’ve always had this irrational obsession with quirky stationery. The problem was that they were always a little too pricey. So we thought, why not make them ourselves? That’s how we got started.”