Oldman Handmade


Oldman Handmade

A collective of experience and expertise are what we pride ourselves on. Time proves quality; time produces perfection; time stops for beauty. Expect to find no less than classics that have proven strong against the test of time. Aged perfection. The epitome of taste and class. For real connoisseurs know that the best, not to be mistaken with the “paragon of fashion”, transcends time. They are appreciated more than just within a certain culture at a certain time or with a certain movement. Here at OLDMAN, we strive to carry on the tradition continually perfected by our precedent connoisseurs and impart such timelessness to our “new” world, to impress upon the next generation true beauty and showcase them to this part of the world.

OLDMAN HANDMADE, a label whereby fabric is specially scouted from all parts of the world to give you unique and exclusive pattens. Bold colors are chosen for those who want to cast a fresh light on their wardrobes. Each piece is individually made and details goes all the way down to the tag label is hand stitched.

Our vision is to revive a lifestyle, when back in the days, men really dressed up. Every detail was put through serious scrutiny: from their hairdo, the way their laces were tied, to the intricacies of the craft and design of the cloth they donned.

In order for this golden culture to grow, we have gone right back to the basics. So for all out there who share the same vision and taste as us, feast.