MitjujuMitjuju custom prints all things related to Love, Weddings, Couples & Animals. We know printing processes well & strive to have prints of the best standard. Digital files will also be done to spects that printers/print shop internationally need.

Also, some of the proceeds will also be donated to animal shelters to help out. As our tiny country gets more driven monetarily, there’s more news of pets abandonment. Animals abuse cases are also on the rise. 😦


Ozzy & Lulu


Ozzy & Lulu is a design studio + Lovely paper parapharnalia handcrafted in Singapore!

Believers of simple yet powerful design, this little studio was started as an outlet for some creative expression, but grew quickly into an opportunity to realize a long harboured dream of owning a unique brand.​

“We’ve always had this irrational obsession with quirky stationery. The problem was that they were always a little too pricey. So we thought, why not make them ourselves? That’s how we got started.”