Supermama is many things at once – a store, an artist residency studio, a platform for designers, a space for people to escape to – but it is at its core a labor of love. Named “Supermama” as a tribute to Meiling, Edwin’s wife, the store began its life when the couple quit their respective jobs, sold their four-room flat and dreamed up the idea of taking a one-year sabbatical. Like many other Singaporeans, Edwin and Meiling were sick of the tediousness of a life without a bigger purpose.



Kennel is a collaborative workspace for creative entrepreneurs.

Members have to be excited about knowledge sharing and collaboration, as there is a formal commitment. This usually means that they run sustainable businesses already. They must also share the same ‘vibe and values’, which is sussed out informally.

There are regular Kennel. nights where different entrepreneurs share their journey and vision, workshops with domain experts, and ad-hoc events which are collaborations with other creatives. Members often throw their own event.