Ceramic Ring Bearers

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The benefits of buying local (when possible) are manifold. Because Singapore’s market is so small, independent sellers need us to support them all the more. In this new column, I’m going to feature imported items that are also made locally.

As my wedding is coming up soon, I’ve been on the lookout for a ring bearer. I stumbled upon Paloma’s Nest, which is based in the US, but discovered shipping was going to be too costly. So I started to search locally on Etsy, and what a treasure I’ve found!





Romantic gestures, demure serenity, or alluring glamour.
Whole9Yards is inspired by the ethereal beauty of feminine strength through the ages. We craft boutique pieces that celebrate inner beauty and individuality.

Our focus on exquisite designs, attention to details, and unique pieces is our way of offering you a creative space where your signature style can flourish.

Whole9Yards rejoices in styles that transcend time and geography. There’s no beginning or finale, just a continuous evolution of who you are at any moment of time.

Dream the impossible. Dare to aspire.
Only then will we be distinctively true to ourselves.


At Kutis, we specialize in the supply of customized bags, protective covers for IT equipment as well as home organization tools to our clients. We are passionate about designs that combine functionality with aesthetics that enhances your lifestyle.We also specialize in the production and customization of wool felt products. The wool felt is an eco-friendly material that is both durable and fashionable – an outstanding material choice for bags and protective covers.

Kutis is ever passionate about innovative designs that enhance lifestyles and we are committed to provide our clients with the latest lifestyle products that are practical yet beautiful!



Expressing the beauty of Nature in Motion through organic shapes, colours and rhythms…

My jewellery addiction began as a hobby – I took up few classes and was immediately hooked to creating beautiful wirework pieces with beads sourced from various parts of the globe. I soon felt the need to explore materials other than beads and wires to push myself creatively. I wanted to create my own shapes/elements that I would then piece together to create a unique piece.

Hence, I am always focusing my creative energies in the exploration of new art media that could inspire and challenge my creativity. I was recently drawn to the versatility of polymer clay. The idea of using formed clay as a mini canvas drives my inspiration as it allows me to go back to my first love – Painting.

Colour has thus become an integral part of my work and through bright colours and quirky elements I am able to create a distinctive statement of personal style.

Nature has been my inexhaustible source of inspiration.

To me, nothing feels more peaceful and liberating than seeing leaves dancing in the wind and being carried away on an adventurous journey, not knowing where they might end up but enjoying the ride nonetheless.

● I find beauty in the unbalanced arrangement of elements to create a harmonious mess – Asymmetrical compositions that add visual intrigue and bring out the uniqueness of the jewellery piece.
● I enjoy emulating techniques (mark-making, layering and texturing) that inspired my paintings but this time using beads, wires, leather and clay as mediums.
● I love the idea of endless possibilities and evolving with my work.

Save Our Street Dogs


Mission: Till every dog has a refuge of safety; a home to call their own. Our mission is to save our street dogs to the best of our ability, and give them a chance in life.
Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) is a group of volunteers in Singapore, banded together by the common passion and conviction to be part of a unified voice, purposed to make a difference and effect change to the welfare of our street dogs—our homeless strays.
SOSD is donation-funded, so our rescue efforts can only reach as far as resources and manpower are available. It will take the strength of the community to effect change for the welfare of our street dogs. Every hand will help rescue efforts reach a little further.

Cat Welfare Society


“Saving lives through sterilisation”

When Cat Welfare Society first came into operation, records showed that 13,000 community cats were put down every year. This equated to 35 cats killed every single day. This could not be allowed to go on and we quickly realised that the only way to help alleviate suffering is to go to the root cause of the problem — which is that there were too many cats being born.

From the start, the Society did not waver in its focus to incentivise and encourage more people to sterilise community cats through its sterilisation programmes. After 10 years, positive results are currently seen in many estates halving their stray cat population and. The number of cats surrendered and culled has also fallen to an all-time low of 4000.

This is a clear indication of the effectiveness of current strategies in stabilising and reducing the stray population. This is especially observable when volunteers, town councils and management committees work together to uphold the integrity of the sterilisation programme in their estates. Through this continued collaboration will we be able to bring down the community cat population even further and send fewer cats to be culled.

“Saving lives through enriching more minds”

The Cat Welfare Society also works closely with all Town Councils, the Housing Development Board, National Environment Agency and Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore to resolve cat issues in our communities effectively and humanely.

Moving forward, we aim to build on our strength in numbers to cultivate a robust community outreach movement to reach more people with our message of responsibility and tolerance. Many caregivers and volunteers are already part of this grassroots movement to educate their neighbours and fellow residents as well as to help their community resolve issues related to community and pet cats.

Join us. We believe that it takes a community to resolve a community issue and only by making a human connection can we create a culture of peer pressure and encouragement that can effectively change mindsets.