Expressing the beauty of Nature in Motion through organic shapes, colours and rhythms…

My jewellery addiction began as a hobby – I took up few classes and was immediately hooked to creating beautiful wirework pieces with beads sourced from various parts of the globe. I soon felt the need to explore materials other than beads and wires to push myself creatively. I wanted to create my own shapes/elements that I would then piece together to create a unique piece.

Hence, I am always focusing my creative energies in the exploration of new art media that could inspire and challenge my creativity. I was recently drawn to the versatility of polymer clay. The idea of using formed clay as a mini canvas drives my inspiration as it allows me to go back to my first love – Painting.

Colour has thus become an integral part of my work and through bright colours and quirky elements I am able to create a distinctive statement of personal style.

Nature has been my inexhaustible source of inspiration.

To me, nothing feels more peaceful and liberating than seeing leaves dancing in the wind and being carried away on an adventurous journey, not knowing where they might end up but enjoying the ride nonetheless.

● I find beauty in the unbalanced arrangement of elements to create a harmonious mess – Asymmetrical compositions that add visual intrigue and bring out the uniqueness of the jewellery piece.
● I enjoy emulating techniques (mark-making, layering and texturing) that inspired my paintings but this time using beads, wires, leather and clay as mediums.
● I love the idea of endless possibilities and evolving with my work.


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