Cat Welfare Society


“Saving lives through sterilisation”

When Cat Welfare Society first came into operation, records showed that 13,000 community cats were put down every year. This equated to 35 cats killed every single day. This could not be allowed to go on and we quickly realised that the only way to help alleviate suffering is to go to the root cause of the problem — which is that there were too many cats being born.

From the start, the Society did not waver in its focus to incentivise and encourage more people to sterilise community cats through its sterilisation programmes. After 10 years, positive results are currently seen in many estates halving their stray cat population and. The number of cats surrendered and culled has also fallen to an all-time low of 4000.

This is a clear indication of the effectiveness of current strategies in stabilising and reducing the stray population. This is especially observable when volunteers, town councils and management committees work together to uphold the integrity of the sterilisation programme in their estates. Through this continued collaboration will we be able to bring down the community cat population even further and send fewer cats to be culled.

“Saving lives through enriching more minds”

The Cat Welfare Society also works closely with all Town Councils, the Housing Development Board, National Environment Agency and Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore to resolve cat issues in our communities effectively and humanely.

Moving forward, we aim to build on our strength in numbers to cultivate a robust community outreach movement to reach more people with our message of responsibility and tolerance. Many caregivers and volunteers are already part of this grassroots movement to educate their neighbours and fellow residents as well as to help their community resolve issues related to community and pet cats.

Join us. We believe that it takes a community to resolve a community issue and only by making a human connection can we create a culture of peer pressure and encouragement that can effectively change mindsets.


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