What We Do

We’re a new independent retailer of international magazines based in Singapore. As self-confessed magazine obsessives, we know the feeling of stalking the newsstand to get your hands on the latest copy of your fave mag before it sells out. Or, chancing upon a cool new mag overseas, then never seeing it available anywhere else.

That’s why we decided to take things into our own hands, combing the world for niche titles and delivering them to your doorstep, so you’ll never have to miss out on an issue of your favourite magazine ever again.

Our tightly curated list of titles covers a wide range of genres, from established ones like fashion and design to more niche fields like urban cuisine and crafting. We believe you’ll find a world of magazines that cater to your specific interests, no matter how obscure, here at Magpie. If not, drop us a line, we promise to try to get our hands on the title you’re looking for.

Magpie – for magazine lovers, by magazine lovers.


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